Geotechnical and
Environmental Services

Specialists in the investigation, assessment and reclamation
of development land.


  • Ex-situ Treatment

    Excavation of contaminated soils for treatment or disposal

    For a large number of brownfield sites excavation of any contaminated soils is unavoidable to meet the constraints of the new development.  Once excavated, contaminated soils historically were just sent for off site disposal to landfill employing the so called ‘dig and dump’ method.  Whilst this remediation option still has a place, there are a whole suite of more modern and more sustainable remedial solutions available such as soils washing, bioremediation, thermal desorption and solidification.  Consultants at BRD have direct working experience of many of these remediation techniques and so are well placed to advise on their applicability, pitfalls and advantages.

    BRD not only work as consultants, but also offer a complete ‘turn key’ reclamation contracting service.  We can undertake combined demolition and remediation projects to deliver a site fit for the intended development.  By employing one of our specialist demolition partners directly we can actively control this critical interface with the contamination issues to provide a better completed site whilst also ensuring all obstructions are removed and the quality of recycled aggregates produced.  By employing directly hired plant and/or remediation sub-contractors, BRD can ensure successful excavation and treatment or removal of the affected  soils.  Furthermore BRD can also undertake some of the preliminary construction activity such as provision of temporary haul roads and construction compounds if required.  With successfully completed projects ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to in excess of half a million, Client’s can be assured that BRD can clean up your site no matter how large or small.