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  • Spraying

    Simple but effective if time is available

    Japanese Knotweed is difficult to eradicate by spraying of herbicide alone, but this can be achieved if sufficient time is available i.e two to three growing seasons.  The technique is very useful if used in conjunction with other control measures.  BRD can advise on appropriate herbicides for different situations such as appropriate herbicides for different times of the year, spraying near water courses or plants to be retained.  Our in house team can visit site to deliver the spraying programme.

    A word of caution, BRD are aware of some knotweed eradication companies offering ‘magic bullet’ spraying solution.  By effectively over dosing the plant with spray you can achieve apparently dramatic die back results, but all that has really happened is that toxic shock has forced the plant in to going dormant only to reappear in a couple of years.

    Alternatively, some companies achieve great results, but refuse to say what herbicide they are using.  If you as a Client don’t know what herbicide is being used, how can you be sure whether it meets Environment Agency guidelines or what the health & safety implications are?

    Our advice is to steer well clear of any companies that offer single treatments or will not tell you what is in the spray tank.